Documents Required to Setup Mineral Water Plant

Documents Required to Setup Mineral Water Plant

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Documents Required to Setup Mineral Water Plant
Documents Required to Setup Mineral Water Plant

In today’s polluted environment getting clean drinking water has become a challenge in itself. Many people now prefer to buy mineral water whether they are heading out to eat, to travel or whenever they want to drink water, when they are away from their homes.

Keeping this in mind mineral water or packaged water has become quite popular because people are now willing to spend on buying healthy water rather than inviting health hazards and diseases. Hence, thisbusiness is sure to give good profits in the long run. So, if you are planning to set up a plant for mineral water you need to have necessary licenses and documents for the same to avoid any legal trouble in future.

The following licenses/ approvals are to be obtained for setting up a packaged drinking water plant in India:

  • Small Scale Industries registration

For obtaining a SSI registration, one must first apply for provisional SSI registration certificate (PRC) from the Director of Industries of the concerned state government. PRC is granted when the unit is still in its pre-operative period and thus it becomes easier to obtain term loans and working capital from financial institutions/banks under priority sector lending and also facilitates the business to get accommodation, land, other approvals etc. and obtain various necessary NOCs and clearances from regulatory bodies such as Pollution Control Board, Labour Regulations etc.
Provisional SSI registrations are valid for five years and if the entrepreneur is unable to set up the unit in this period, a fresh application for provisional registration can be made at the end of five-year period.After this once the business commences production or activity, one can apply for and obtain permanent SSI registration.

  • ISI certification from Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)

Considering the public health, BIS certification has been made mandatory by the Government of India.For this, the applicant needs to submit the duly filled application along with required documents and requisite fee to the nearest BIS branch office. After that a preliminary factory evaluation is carried out by BIS officer to check whether it is apt as perrequiredstandards. Samples are tested in the factory and also drawn for independent testing. If the samples pass during independent testing, preliminary evaluation and the applicant agrees to operate the defined Scheme of Testing & Inspection and pay the prescribed marking fee. License is expected to be granted within 4 months of recording of application by BIS and 6 months in case of all India first licenses for a product.

  • Pollution control certificate

A Pollution Control Board Certification from your state or local government is required. Each state may have its own rules for the same.

  • Water test report from an authorized laboratory of raw water

Testing of the water needs to be done and the reports from the BIS are generated for the same. For this the testing would be done by the Local Water Testing Laboratory.

  • Pest control certification

A pest control certification needs to be obtained from the concerned authorities for setting up a mineral water plant.

  • Certificates from chemist, microbiologist.

An in house laboratory is compulsory and should be well equipped to carry out all physical, chemical and micro biological tests prescribed as per IS: 3025. It has to be conducted by expert chemists /micro biologists.

  • Other certificates that need to be obtained
  1. No objection certificate (NOC) from Gram Panchayat, if applicable depending upon the area where the plant is being set up.
  2. Medical certificates for workers
  3. Registration of trademark in case you plan on protecting your brand name and good will.
  4. Documents related to ownership of land/lease of land for setting up the plant to prevent any trouble and land related disputes in the future.
  5. Electrical load sanction for running the plant.
  6. Sanction layout plan

ISI mark from the Bureau of India Standards is absolutely necessary. Packaged Natural Mineral Water is governed under IS: 13428 and Packaged Drinking Water governed under IS: 14543.

Now, further finding a suitable bottle water plant is another important step which is going to supply you the required number of plastic bottles. It is important to note that the company supplying the bottles must be a member of International Bottled Water Association. Alternately, you can even opt for setting up your own bottling plant which would require some extra costs.

Thus, in order to set up a mineral water plant the following documents need to be taken care of. Since it can pose serious threat to health of consumers it is necessary all the guidelines are complied with and all the necessary steps are taken.

Once the plant is properly set-up one can continue the business without any hassle.

Good luck

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