Model Format of Employment Agency, Temporary, Agreement

Model Format of Employment Agency, Temporary, Agreement

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Employment Agency, Temporary, Agreement
Employment Agency, Temporary, Agreement

_______________,referred to as AGENCY, and______________, referred to as CLIENT, agree:

AGENCY shall supply skilled services temporary services for CLIENT under the terms and conditions stated herein.

AGENCY shall provide services within the following fields to CLIENT upon the request of CLIENT:


CLIENT shall requisition such services by written agreement as far in advance as is possible. CLIENT shall specify the fields and qualifications within the fields desired, the time periods for work, and the applicable rates.

AGENCY provided workers shall be considered solely as employees of AGENCY and shall not be considered to be employees of the CLIENT. Any benefits required by law such as worker’s compensation or social security shall be the sole responsibility of AGENCY. Further, AGENCY shall maintain non-owned vehicle coverage with minimum limits of liability for personal injury of Rs.____________….

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