Filing a Legal Notice

Filing a Legal Notice

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Filing a Legal Notice
Filing a Legal Notice

Nowadays there are various lawsuits filing against the person, company etc. In the Present Scenario, it is very common to enter into any lawsuits. Some of the person or entities directly goes to file a suit, but there are some companies and corporations which before going to file a civil suit. They give a notice, more elaborate a legal notice.

Filing a Legal Notice

A legal notice acts as a warning or giving an idea that a suit can be filed against the person or company if so and so demand is not fulfilled.

It is a legal notice which gives a hint to the opposite party that they are preparing for filing a lawsuit against the person. this notice will convey your message to the opponent.

Many times, legal notice is send which result in negotiation or settlement outside the court.


  1. A legal notice is drafted either by the lawyer or by the person itself.
  2. In this mention the name of the person against whom the suit is filed.
  3. Mention the cause which results in filing of notice.
  4. Offer the party to negotiate within 30 days or 60 days.
  5. Mention the previous Communications that relates with the Case.
  6. Also give the time limit in which either the person will give reply or fulfills any Demand. 
  7. Sent it through Registered AD post.

2. After sending the notice you should keep the copy of receipt.

3. It should not be very lengthy and should also contained all the reasonable causes.

4. The opposite party should reply within the stipulated date.

5. When it comes to drafting, it should be precise and in legal language. It should not be in casual manner.

Filing a Legal Notice

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