How to Check Company Name Availability in India

How to Check Company Name Availability in India

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How to Check Company Name Availability in India
How to Check Company Name Availability in India

Check Company Name Availability in India

One of the first steps in registering a company in India is checking the company name and its availability. The proposed company name should be as per the guidelines of The Companies Act, 2013 and should not be identical to other company’s name, LLP’s or Trademark. Before we understand the process for checking company name availability, the following things should be known for a better understanding:

  • The suggested name should be as per the main objects described for the company.
  • The suggested name should not be identical to or similar to other company’s name.
  • The suggested name should not be too general and common.
  • If your company deals with many business activities, keywords like udyog, products, manufacturing can be used.
  • The suggested name should have an appropriate prefix.
  • Words like Hindustan, International, and Corporation should be used when the scope of business justifies the use of such words.

The suggested name can be checked from the website of Ministry of Corporate Affairs at Check Company Name. The other steps for checking name availability are from the database of Company/LLP. The following options can be looked for from the database:

ROC Registration number: One can search the name availability through ROC Registration number.

Existing Name: One can also search the availability through this option. Starts with, equals to or ends with references can be used.

Inactive CIN: The Corporate Identity Number can also be used for checking the availability.

Old Name of the Company: The old company name can also be used to check the availability.

After following these steps and following DIN and DSC, an application form needs to be filled ONLINE with the Registrar of Companies. The application should contain 2 names with an order of preferences. The significance of those names and the objects of the company should also be specified. The Registrar of Companies then checks the suggested names as per the guidelines and displays the results on the MCA portal.

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