Legal Checklist for Startups in India

Legal Checklist for Startups in India

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Legal Checklist for Startups in India
Legal Checklist for Startups in India

India’s economy has witnessed a sudden surge in the number of startups along with the increase in incubators, active angel investors, venture capitals and private equity investors probably due to a suitable political climate.

The co-founder agreement

For an unbarred and smooth functioning in the future the co-founders need to clearly demarcate the shares of their equity contribution, responsibilities and roles assigned to them. This further helps reduce the friction and tackle intricacies of all shapes and sizes. The outcome is much more refined which further ensures future protection.

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Registering a legal entity

Registering a startup as a legal entity in form of a sole proprietorship, a partnership firm, a private company or a limited liability partnership is more than advisable.  If one plans to exploit benefits of venture capital or angel investment, he/she should register it as a private limited company as the shares are easily allotted and saleable.

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Fund raised by family members

The startups look up to their family members/friends as a source of capital at the starting of the business. This is one of the most reliable and promises of all the sources of capital. The fund can be taken in both the forms that is equity as well as a loan. This is very helpful in the seed stage of the business.

Non disclosure agreement

If the need arise the concerned parties sign the non disclosure agreement due to the existence of technologies or paper work which is supposedly to remain undisclosed. The step is necessary for the sake of privacy.

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Books of accounts

In order to ensure that the representation of the financial position is without any error and timely updated, the startups should maintain the habit of maintaining proper books of accounts. This helps in the growth of business.

Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Rights is the most priceless asset of the business and thus should be preserved to the best extent. Intellectual Property Rights consists of company logo, name and brands, collectively the trademark.  Also patent and copyright registration is highly recommended. If ignored, the competitors can seize the opportunity and take advantage.

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Labour laws and employment agreements

A business needs to comply with the employment and Labour standards in its place of business. It is necessary for the startup to sign the employment agreement, Gratuity, provident fund, sexual harassment etc. in accordance to the California industry labor law charts in amounts to composition of labour laws.

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Compliance with Information technology laws

Information technology act is extremely important in today’s era which is technologically advanced. Digital signatures, privacy, confidential data stored in a data room, documents, cloud computing or e contracts all amounts to practices which demand protection and thus compliance with the IT laws which is more than necessary.

PAN/GST Registration

Registering PAN of the founders/company is the most necessary step in the incorporation of the startup. Following are the registration of Goods and Service Tax.

Right action at the initial stage ensures growth and prosperity of the business. Legal documentation should be adhered to from the very beginning in order to have unbarred property.

Author: This blog is written by Ms. Tanya Bajpai, a passionate blogger & intern at  Aapka Consultant.


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