Model Format of Bad Check Notice-First Notice

Model Format of Bad Check Notice-First Notice

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Bad Check Notice-First Notice
Bad Check Notice-First Notice

Dear Sir or Madam:{Name of payer (whose cheque has bounced)} Your check {What is your check number?}, dated {Date on which check is drawn}, drawn by you for {What is the total amount of your check?}, and payable to {What is the name of payee?} has been returned by your bank or financial institution unpaid. They state the cause was for insufficient funds.

Please replace this check immediately with cash, credit card, or a bank check for the original amount of the check plus the standard return check fee of {Check return fee (charged by bank)}, for a total amount of {Total amount due (Cheque amount + Return fee)}.

After receipt of your replacement payment, we will return your old check. When you make the replacement payment, your old check will be returned to you. Please forward your payment to the above address. Please either bring your payment to us today or send it out today. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter of concern to both of us….

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