Model Format of Employee Rules of Conduct

Model Format of Employee Rules of Conduct

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Employee Rules of Conduct
Employee Rules of Conduct

The Company (“Company”) has established these Rules of Conduct applicable to all employees due primarily to the requirements of local, state, and central laws and statutes.  In signing this Agreement, the Employee agrees to be bound by these Rules of Conduct at all times and under all circumstances in order to continue employment with the Company.  If you as an Employee of the Company cannot abide by these Rules, the Company cannot offer you employment and will be compelled to seek your resignation or terminate your employment unilaterally if you cannot abide by them after being hired.

Employee acknowledges that they understand that other more specific rules may be enacted by the Company from time to time concerning more specific issues and areas of operation.  If the Employee finds he or she cannot or will not abide by these new rules, the Employee must bring the matter to his or her immediate supervisor to see what can be resolved.  If nothing satisfactory can be resolved, it is understood the Employee will tender their immediate resignation or be terminated by the Company….

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