Online Business Ideas in India 2018

Online Business Ideas in India 2018

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Online Business Ideas in India 2018
Online Business Ideas in India 2018


Online Businesses have emerged drastically with the advancement in technology and banking, specially since now businesses have the option of getting neat softwares. A traditional business practice involves a buyer, a seller and a market place. There is personal touch and direct money transaction. In online businesses, however, the physical market is eliminated and a wider, virtual platform is created. Online business depend on maximum search engine; Manhattan SEO Solutions will help with optimizing this platform, as it is available to anybody and everybody who is connected with the worldwide web. And this is just one of the dozens of other reasons why online businesses have started to make more sense and proved to be more profitable in the last decade. Also business started implementing Cloudpay Payroll services to manage payment more efficiently.

  • Minimal investment
  • Readily available market
  • Easy management
  • Minimal workforce requirements
  • Easy to dissolve

The best thing about this form of business is that one can set feet in various arenas of business without having to worry about making huge investments. Creativity and skill play a major role in business-hopping still. Some business choose to start with a bang by offering huge discounts via coupons.

Some of the best online business ideas which have emerged/ sustained in 2016 are –

BLOGGING- In simple terms, blogging refers to writing about events, situations, social topics, passions or life in general and sharing them with the world on a virtual platform. The thing about blogging is that once you start writing a blog, you won’t really think of it as a source of money making but engaging in ones hobby of writing and sharing. All it takes is creating a blog on WordPress or Blogspot and keep filling it up with content until one day you have enough viewers who have read and shared your work. As the network of reader increases you can start making money through one or more variety of income streams. Sometimes the website which holds your blog might even ask you to start paying for the space you occupy but it will be nothing compared to the royalty you generate from the readership.

RETAIL– Online retail is basically platforms which provide online shopping facilities to customers. It is directing the goods and services from a seller over the internet using a web browser and delivering it to the customer at his doorstep. This is popular and not restrictive to those individuals who can arrange and invest on a large scale as to compete with online shopping giants like Flipkart and Amazon. All one needs is minimal investment, sellers, a website, access to various payment options and goods to sell.

CONTENT WRITING– Content writing is similar to writing blogs. Except it is written for somebody else on the basis of a certain specifications given to you prior the content is written. Most companies have tie ups with advertising agencies to advertise their products. However, what they usually lack is catchy descriptions to advertise their product with. The job of a content writer is to very crisply elaborate on the uses and benefits of a product or an idea for the company to use.

ANIMATION AND GRAPHIC DESIGN– Animators are geeks who have proficiency in technology. Animation can be learnt as side course or one can graduate training as a career advancement option. Animators make motion pictures out of two dimensional images. A graphic designer, on the other hand, has a much simpler job of creating two dimensional images which are usually used as logos, etc..

CONSULTATION– Online consultations are popular on the internet. The consultation present ranges from medical consultation to legal to business to educational to so on and so forth. One is required to ensure that the consultation provided or the content shared is 100% legitimate and reliable. If you have expertise in any field, consultation should be a good business option for you.

SELLINGMUSIC– SellingMusic is another online business to start with. You can record and sell your music online at marketplace like AudioJungle, Pond5 or Bandcamp. Music is the most selling product on the internet after clothes and books.

MAKING APPS– If you are a good programmer then you can also start an online business which involves making apps. You can get these apps verified by Google or other such bodies and then sell them to people.

FREELANCING- Freelancing is another best online business opportunity to explore. There are number of best freelancing sites where you can signup & provide number of services to the people or companies.You can charge a fixed amount or on hourly basis for a particular project. There are many online services you can provide as a freelancer.

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