Startup India Registration Process

Startup India Registration Process

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Startup India Registration Process
Startup India Registration Process

Startup India Registration Process

The concept of “Startups” as a form of business by individuals or group of individuals has grown considerably in past few years. They cater to various sectors such as Hotel Industry, Event Management, providing equipments to small-scale and large scale industries etc.

In order to give a platform to such “Startups”, Government of India launched a flagship scheme titled “Startup India” on 16th January, 2016. The Government of India has defined the term “Startup” in Annexure Iof the Action Plan (

So what is Startup India Registration process?

There are two modes through which a Startup can register under this scheme. An entity which wants to register itself, can log on to the Startup India Portal ( or download the Mobile Application titled “Startup India” on their mobile phones. After doing either of these, the steps to be followed are as follows:-

  1. After logging on through the website or the Mobile Application, Click on the tab of “Startup Recognition”.
  2. Under the heading titled “Application”, Click on the option of “Click here for submitting your application for recognition as a Startup”.
  3. After clicking on the option, a form would appear.
  4. First, fill in the information under the headings of “Entity Details”, “Full Address(office)”,“Authorized Representative Details” and “Director(s)/Partner(s) Details.
  5. After that the heading of “Supporting Documents and Self Certification” would appear.
  6. Under that heading, first is the “Nature of Recommendation”. For this, there is a tab on the website titled “Information”. After clicking on the tab the following information appears and can be used of:-
  7. List of Incubators
  8. List of Industry Associations/Organizations For Recommendation Letter
  9. List of Facilitators for Trademarks.
  10. List of Facilitators for Patents
  11. List of SEBI Registered Funds

The format of these can be viewed and downloaded by going back on the tab “Startup Recognition” and clicking on the options under the heading of “Formats”.

  1. Next, you need to upload a file in the option of “Supporting Document based on the nature of recommendation above” in PDF Format.
  2. In case a Company, LLP, Partnership Firm wants to register itself as a Startup, so it needs to upload the file of “Incorporation/Registration Certificate” in PDF Format.
  3. Next, under the heading titled “Brief note on innovativeness of products/services offered by the entity”, a file in PDF Format needs to be uploaded.
  4. Next, by Clicking on the on the options under the heading titled “Would you like to avail Tax benefits?” and “I certify that our entity”, the form is to be submitted by clicking on “Submit” at the end.

Then, the application and documents would be verified and “The Certificate of Recognition” would be issued after examination .On successful registration, you would be available to download a system generated verifiable “Certificate of Recognition”.

A digital version of the final registration shall be made available. In case an entity already exists, the “Certificate of Recognition” would be issued within 24 hours of the successful submission of the application.

If an application gets rejected due to missing documents, the applicant can edit his application by following the same procedure as above and upload the recommendation letter. If the applicant has received “Certificate of Recognition”, he is required to submit through mail the recommendation letter.

If the applicant has earlier selected the option of not availing tax benefit, then he can change the response to yes later.

If one wants to seek clarifications, pertaining to “Certificate of Recognition” as a “Startup”, one can get in touch with the “Startup India Hub” on Toll Free Number-1800115565 or E-mail,



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