7 things to keep in mind before choosing An Advocate

7 things to keep in mind before choosing An Advocate

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Seven things to keep in mind before choosing An Advocate
Seven things to keep in mind before choosing An Advocate


Advocate is an integral part of any legal suit, you need to do research before obtaining an advocate. Simply because someone calls him or herself an advocate, does not mean he or she always represents the clients in the best possible manner. Research can assist in finding the right person who ultimately can help or hinder the future of the clients. Consider the following information-seeking guidelines:

  • Age of Advocate

Firstly, while choosing a lawyer it is important to note that, you should not consider an advocate based on age or seniority but what matter is the experience the advocate holds. One of the most important things to look for when selecting a lawyer is their level of experience in their area of expertise. You will need a lawyer who understands every aspect of your issue (beyond the basics), knows what to expect, and has a proven track record of success. Another key factor to consider is how focused the lawyer is on meeting your specific needs. The one with more age can have less experience and the one with young age can have more experience.

  • Expertise of Advocate

Specialization/Expertise plays a very important role in Advocacy. Just like a dentist cannot perform the work of a cardiologist, an advocate experienced in a particular field cannot successfully argue cases in another field easily.

For say if you have a business-related problem then it’s better to find a person who has a specialization in business law rather than going for a person who has maritime law as his/her specialization.

If you have an issue relating to real estate, you should go to a civil or revenue advocate rather than a criminal advocate. 

The Judges while deciding a case consider the prior judgments on similar disputed issues and so the advocates who have specialization in the particular fields are more aware of the judgment passed before and are well aware of the fact that how and what kind of relief a judge can grant in that case.

  • Knowledge of an Advocate

When choosing an Advocate, it is beneficial to know that, the preferred lawyer has complete knowledge about the facts and related law and judgments, etc.

Now the question raised is, how we will get to know whether the lawyer has the required knowledge or not?

Well, it is suggested that before going to the lawyer, you should do your homework about your case and relevant remedies that may be possibly granted. So that when you keep your case in front of the advocate, you will get to know whether the advocate has good knowledge regarding your case or not.

  • Fees of an Advocate

Fees of Advocate fluctuate according to the location, size, and prestige of the advocate or his/her firm as well as the advocate’s experience. A good advocate is clear, honest, and reasonable with his/her fee structure. So, you should look for a person who charges you fees worth the case.

A good advocate always takes proper fees, as they know they can handle your case properly. 

  • Aware of brokers

Never hand over your case to any person who is not an Advocate but who majorly works as a mediator between a client and an advocate he will promise to provide you with relief but they are not an advocate, they are brokers who earn money by being a mediator. Give the case directly to the Advocate.

  • Choose a Local Lawyer

Always refer the case to an advocate who is practicing in the same court, because they are well aware of the mindset of the Sitting Judges dealing with your case and how the case can be presented.

Example- If you reside in Jodhpur and you hire a lawyer from Jaipur, it is obvious that the advocates are not well aware of the mindset of Sitting Judges as compared to the local advocates who are practicing in the same court.

 If a case is so important then you can involve a senior advocate or an advocate from another city but remember, you should have a junior advocate from the same city so that he knows the procedures and functioning of the courts.

  • Choose Advocate through Social Media

Before going to meet an advocate do research about the advocate on the internet. Go through the online reviews and comments about the advocate’s services. Look for a person whose records relating to his services are good and that there are no complaints, misconduct charges, or malpractice accusations against him. Keep in note the facts that:

  • that there are no complaints, misconduct charges, or malpractice accusations against him.
  •  how many cases have been handled by the advocate?
  • Is he/she has media coverage?
  •  If they have Newspaper articles or names mentioned in any case?

This will help in figuring out how much knowledge the advocate has in his profession. Also prefer those advocates who are referred by some person, as reference plays a very important role.


Your first meeting with a lawyer is a crucial step in dealing with your legal dispute. Your lawyer should carry the ability to explain things in a manner that helps you understand clearly. If you want to know more about the lawyer’s experience, or anything related to your issue, ask about that, too. If those variables do not add up and you are not satisfied or you’re worried your lawyer is not as interested in representing your interests as he is in making a statement or earning a ton of money, do not work with that lawyer. 

Be judicious in choosing your advocate for your case.

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