Applying for Birth Certificate Online

Applying for Birth Certificate Online

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Applying for Birth Certificate Online
Applying for Birth Certificate Online

A birth certificate is an extremely important document that records the details of a child’s

birth in the Births Register of the country. It is used as a document of identity and later becomes essential for the issuing of school certificates, passports, licenses and other government documents.

Births are registered in States or Union Territories, and there are a number of Registrars at the state or district level to register the births in that locality. Since a birth must be registered in the same geographical locality where the birth took place, the procedures and technicalities may differ slightly for each region. For example, online services to download birth/death certificates are only available in certain states.

In order to check whether your concerned State has online birth certificate services available, one can log on to the e-services portal of the concerned state or municipal corporation. These are all distinct websites and each one functions in a slightly different manner. However, it is easy to locate the necessary website through the National Portal of India, at . A simple search result will reveal the details of the respective state and how the birth certificate procedures work.

One can also visit This is a webpage under the National Portal of India, which provides elaborate details about the birth certificate and registration procedures in each State/UT. Simply select the concerned State/UT through the drop-down menu and click ‘Search’. You will then find details regarding the procedures of registering a birth, as well as the link to the State’s online e-services portal, if the same is available.

One of the States popular for providing birth certificates efficiently online is the State of Tamil Nadu. In Tamil Nadu, firstly, the birth has to be registered in the locality within 21 days of it’s taking place. This must be done with the local bodies. The appropriate local body is generally the Town/Municipal Office, but in rural areas it will be the Taluk office. In cases where the birth takes place in a hospital, or any medical institution, then the institution itself will directly intimate the necessary authorities for the registration of birth and provide them with the required documents and proof. If a birth takes place in the house, then a family member must contact the local authority for the necessary forms and fill them, as well as submit a certificate from the institution or person who conducted the delivery. Only then will the initial step of birth registration take place.

Once the birth has been successfully registered, then a registration number will be allotted to the person. This registration number is essential for the purposes of acquiring the actual birth certificate online.

Once the registration number has been allotted by the local authorities, then one can directly proceed to applying for the birth certificate online, if the provision is available in the state.

On this webpage, one can then enter their details including Registration Number, Child Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Name of Mother and Name of Father. With all these details, the search engine will then locate the correct registration and show an online copy of the birth certificate. A copy of this birth certificate can then be printed for later use, and may be accessed from the online database at any time.

The procedure for most of the States/UTs is very similar, wherever online birth certificate facilities are available. However, in order to confirm that there are no minor differences in the procedure for obtaining the registration number, one should check the rules under the local State corporation website. For example, North Delhi does not have a provision for online application of birth certificates by individuals. The North Delhi Municipal Corporation website provides for online birth or death registrations, but this can only be done by empaneled institutions and not individuals, as a separate login ID is required for the same. Hence, in Delhi, it is necessary to approach local authorities for issuance of birth certificate and this process takes 7 days after the birth has been registered.

However, in the States where online application for birth certificate is available, the procedure is very simple, direct and provides for an easy accessibility of the necessary documents. Many other States are now also setting up the required facilities for online birth certificates.

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