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Model Format of Adoption Deed (Orphanage)

Model Format of Adoption Deed (Orphanage)

THIS DEED OF ADOPTION is made at _ this _day of


Mrs., w/o of , , , aged about _ years, residing at , here in
after referred to as the FIRST PARTY.


_______, son of ______ aged about
years by religion _________, residing at ______working as ___________ of Orphanage which is giving shelter and maintaining orphan children abandoned by their parents, having its registered office at _____and Court Guardian of aged _ years, one of the orphans, hereinafter referred to as the SECOND PARTY.


The FIRST PARTY is a ____and has, no and is desirous of taking in adoption a .

The FIRST PARTY”S husband is dead

The SECOND PARTY is the court appointed GUARDIAN of
, , aged about years, residing at __…..

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