Model Format of Agreement of License to Publish on Royalty Basis

Model Format of Agreement of License to Publish on Royalty Basis

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Agreement of License to Publish on Royalty Basis
Agreement of License to Publish on Royalty Basis

Agreement is made at _ this day of _ between Mr…………….r/o……….
Hereinafter referred to as the Author' of the One Part and________________________ carrying on business at ______________ Hereinafter referred to asthe Publisher’ of the Other Part

  • The Author has written a book on the subject of…………………. and desires to publish the same.
  • The Publisher has offered to publish the said book on the following terms and conditions, which
    are also agreed to by the Author.
  • The Publisher agrees to publish the said book entitled __ within a period of __________months from the date hereof. The printing and publishing will be done by the Publisher at his own costs.
  • The Author has delivered the manuscript of the book on the execution of this Agreement to the Publisher and the Publisher acknowledges receipt thereof.
  • The Author grants to the Publisher the right to print and publish the said book subject to the terms and conditions herein contained.
  • The Author hereby warrants that the said book does not infringe the copy right of any other person and he is the sole copyright owner of the said book. He also warrants that he has not given license to publish the said book to any other person. The Author agrees to indemnify the Publisher against any claim made by reason of infringement of copyright of any other person or by reason of the Author having given any right in respect of the book to any other person.
  • The Publisher shall print and publish the book at his own entire costs and expenses and he will also advertise the publication of the work at his own cost.
  • The Publisher shall, in consideration of the said right of publication hereby given, pay to the Author as and by way of royalty a sum equal to _________per cent of the price less the cost of printing of each copy of the book actually sold. The amount of royalty accrued on sales, shall be paid within
    __________weeks from the expiration of every six months commencing from the publication of the book.
  • The Publisher shall submit to the Author every ________months, commencing from the publication of the book, a statement of the copies sold by the Publisher and his agents and shopkeepers. And such statement shall be sent along with the amount of royalty payable as aforesaid. Acceptance of any payment of royalty will not be construed as acceptance by the Author of the correctness of the statement and the Author will be entitled to verify the statement with the books of account, vouchers and other papers relating to sale and the Publisher shall offer such inspection to the Author or his agent whenever demanded by the Author. The Publisher shall with every such statement disclose the total number of copies printed by him.
  • The Publisher shall supply ____________copies of the Book to the Author free of costs and without any royalty being payable thereon. The Publisher shall also supply free copies not exceeding
    ___________to such newspapers, periodicals or law Reporters as the Publisher may think fit.
  • The Publisher shall not give benefit of this license by way of transfer or otherwise to any other person.
  • The Publisher shall print only………… copies of the book and no more and the price of the book will not be more than Rs………………… per copy.
  • The Publisher shall show the final proof of the print to the Author for his verification and the Author will be entitled to make any formal changes therein and to correct mistakes. The cover of the book will be got approved by the Author.
  • This license is granted only for the publication of the First Edition of the Book.
  • If the Author proposes to bring out a new edition of the book he will give the first option to the Publisher on such terms as may be agreed upon. In the event of any disagreement as to such fresh….

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