If the descriptions above create some ripples in your mind, we have structured some questions which are answered below. Here are some frequently asked questions that we have pre-empted and answered:

What is a Legal Job?

We help in providing legal jobs to our Candidates. Legal job can include anything from a Legal Advisor in a Law Firm to a receptionist. Legal job covers the roles of an Associates, Partners, Legal Advisor, Legal Executives, Advocates, Legal Support Staffs etc.

Do I have to pay for the services?

No. Our services for our candidates are totally free. If a candidate wants to register with us, then there is no registration fee for it. What a candidate has to do is, he/she just has to register with us by filling the Information Form along with the attachment of his/her CV and the rest of the recruitment process will be done by us. When we place a candidate with our client’s organization, we charge the client 10 % of the candidate's annual remuneration for one-time.

How much do I get paid?

All placements do have a reasonable allowance which varies according to the position you hold after getting placed. The remuneration packages are not negotiable under any circumstances.

What about accommodation?

Some of the companies do host accommodation but not all times. But most of the times it will be you responsibility to find a suitable accommodation for yourself. The sooner you find an accommodation for yourself, the better you don’t want to spend first week or two in an expensive hotel.

Who will be your Clients?

Our clients include Law Firms of all sizes, as well as Multi-national Corporations, Government-related Entities etc. within India and across the globe. The range of our connectivity with our clients is very wide due to which we attract the best quality of candidates and fulfil their recruitment needs in best possible manner within the time limit.

What role does LRC play after sending my CV to a prospective Client/ Employer?

We play a key role in the recruitment process for both our clients and candidates. For our Clients; we schedule an interview with the selected candidate and for our Candidate; we will try to negotiate the best offer possible to them.

What will happen after I fill the Information Form and attach my CV?

If your profile matches with our client’s requirements, then you will be hear from a specialist within our team. We will schedule a day for your interview for which you should also have to be proactive by contacting or mailing us.

What is Refer a Friend scheme?

Our business and reputation is also based on networking and referrals. If you know someone who is looking to make his/her career then pass us their details. If we are successful in placing the person referred by you, then we will send you a thank you gift of monetary value. Recruitment agencies work on a commission basis and the higher the fee we receive the greater the gift to you.


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