Looking at the present corporate culture where the Big Law Firms, Multi-national Corporations and other Government-related Entities hiring the candidates in their legal domain, we came in the picture to meet out the needs of both our Clients and our Candidates. On one hand, the Big Law Firms and MNC’s were in search of most suitable candidates for their legal work and on the contrary, the Candidates were also looking for an appropriate job in such places, so we are here to reduce the communication gap between our Clients and our Candidates by placing the right candidate to the right job.

  • Service-focussed: We are strictly service-focussed in meeting out the needs of our candidates in regard to employment solutions, and make the entire recruitment process as smooth and efficient as possible in order to place you where you want. We recognise the unique needs of the candidates and functions it accordingly in order to strive to exceed prospects. We are very passionate about our work and take pride in providing the best quality service at all times.


  • Diversity in Candidates: Due to wide range of our network and techniques, we attract the best quality of candidates and fulfil their recruitment needs in best possible manner within the time limit. Also a scheme of ‘Refer a Friend’ has been there to have access to a wider pool of candidates.


  • Proficiency and Integrity: Proficiency and Integrity are the pillars of our institution. We pride ourselves on treating everyone as an equal, and with the utmost of proficiency and integrity at all times.


  • Client-focussed: You are fee-paying client. We charged a nominal value for our services from our clients and not from our candidates. All our services are focussed on pleasing you. We search, screen, shortlist the best candidates in front of you for interview as per your requirements. We guarantee 100 % satisfaction.


  • Massive Coverage: Many other placement services were limited to candidates from narrowly defined areas, for say, from a single university. But we have a wide range of network in hundreds’ of universities and law schools which will give you a variety of candidates.

Whom we provide legal talent