If the descriptions above create some ripples in your mind, we have structured some questions which are answered below. Here are some frequently asked questions that we have pre-empted and answered:

What is a Legal Recruitment Consultant?

Legal Recruitment Consultant is a legal recruitment agency where we are striving to connect the cherished minds of the legal world with different Law Firms, Multi-national Companies, Non-governmental Organizations etc. across the globe. We are here to reduce the communication gap between our Clients and our Candidates where Clients are in search of candidates and Candidates are in search of jobs.

What is a Legal Job?

We help in providing legal jobs to our Candidates. Legal job can include anything from a Legal Advisor in a Law Firm to a receptionist. Legal job covers the roles of an Associates, Partners, Legal Advisor, Legal Executives, Advocates, Legal Support Staffs etc

Why do I need a placement undergraduate?

  • They are enthusiastic, keen and hard-working.
  • They are very helpful in short-term as well as long-term projects.
  • They can research new business opportunities.
  • They are having a good language skill which helps you to develop export markets.
  • They can assist with management and other significant and routine tasks.

Why they are looking for a placement with me?

  • They usually need to carry out a placement in order to complete their course and obtain their qualifications.
  • They want good quality corporate culture which helps them to grow accordingly.
  • This helps them to improve their language skills.

How does it work?

  • We find out the sort of work you doing and the essential facts about your company.
  • We select the most suitable law universities and law schools to recruit from.
  • We function as per your need and requirement for the candidate. We select the suitable candidates as per your requirements so they can be interviewed by you.
  • We let you to interview the candidates provided by us and select accordingly.
  • We ensure the student knows where to go and who to contact at your company.
  • We take care of entire thing in order to make the recruitment process as simple and efficient as possible.
  • If a student left the company within 3 months, we replace that with another suitable candidate with similar specifications.

What does it cost?

A placement fee is to be payable to the us if we successfully placed a candidate as per your need and requirements. A fixed 10% of the annual remuneration of the candidate would be taken by us as our facilitation charges for one-time when the candidate is successfully placed at the respective company.

What do I do next?

To specify the student that suits your requirement, kindly fill the ‘Register your Vacancy Form’ on the main menu.

If you have aby other query, feel free to contact us.

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