Burden of Court Removed by Connect Consultant

Burden of Court Removed by Connect Consultant

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Burden of Court Removed by Connect Consultant
Burden of Court Removed by Connect Consultant

Now a days as we all are much aware about the case congestionsin court, as there are too many cases piling up and matters being given date for the future references. Thereof making the litigation process a time taking and costly and moreover complicated as it also includes too many formalities to be accomplished. Hence, here connect consultant comes into play.

Connect consultantprovides an interactive user friendly portal; which provides best possible platform for all those people, who are fighting legal battlesor have legal queries and wondering for best possible result or the one who are striving for some advice in respect of legal filed, thereof connect consultant gives legal advice-seeking legal opinion from very experienced retired Hon’ble Judge of a forum as preferred and required, as the connected consultant has network linking many Retired Hon’ble Judges across the country.

The Connect consultant portal connects clients seeking legal opinion from Hon’ble Retired Judges of various courts. The main purpose of connect consultant is to endeavor to make life simpler by arranging for authentic, direct opinions in any matters and also delivered through the medium of your choice. It is a web portal globally for Multi-National Companies, Individual Clients, Start-Ups, Law Firms, Consultancy Firms, Corporate Companies and so on.


  1. Give brief description of your legal query on the user friendly portal, along with contact information.
  2. Numerous of Hon’ble Judges are available on the user friendly portal, where you need to opt for the one according to your requirement by learning about their specialization and their fixed professional fees(details of judges as per your requirement would be available with their cost and you can opt for the best as per your requirement).
  3. Finally after opting for Hon’ble Judge, you get opportunity to Consult with him, as per requirement and convenience and get your query solved.  
  4. In order to provide maximum flexibility in consulting Judges and optimum satisfaction to clients, there are four modes of connection through which you can discuss all your problems and query and get best possible solution for the same by them in the way you prefer. Thereof you can opt for best mode as per your requirement and convenience which are as follow:-
  • AUDIO CALL:   Client can discuss their problems directly to the Hon’ble judge via phone call on a mutually suitable time.
  • VIDEO CALL:   In order to communicate better and understand another option which can be opt is video calling which gives higherlevel of comfort more suitable for the NRI clients, like through Skype or any other video mode as preferred.
  • WRITTEN OPINION:   Another mode is written option opt for taking opinion. On the request of the client Hon’ble judge will give his detailed written opinion on your problem and concern.Request of client would be forward to the Hon’ble judge and their opinion for the same would be delivered to your mailbox.
  • PERSONAL MEETING:          Another option for the convenience of the client is personal meeting can be arranged on the request of the client for specified duration with the selected Hon’ble Judge, at a mutually convenient time on a suitable place.

Thereof I can conclude connect consultant is a better option and is also trusted by most valuable startups, as it has variousadvantages over court apart from providing expert opinion they are as follow:-

  • LESS COST: –It helps in reducing the burdenby giving quality service at pocket price and even sometimes free expert consultancy as it understands Startup Budget & their needs thereof is less expensive.
  • LESS TIME CONSUMING: –Connect consultant process application within 24 Hours on a click, thereof we can say it is less time consuming.
  • EASY ACCESS: –    Easy access as it is available every time at one click on the user friendly portal to solve legal queries.
  • BETTER ADVICE: – As advices are given and the queries are counsel by very experience retired Hon’ble Judges, thereof one can say the advice would be most appropriate and efficient one.

To avail the service at Connect Consultant click here.


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