Trademark Registration

Protect the identity of the Brand Name/ Logo / Tagline of your business and get exclusive right to use the registered trademark.

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What is Trademark Registration?

In common language trademark is the identity of the business. General public and people in connection with the trade identifies with trade mark the origin of the goods and services. It could be name, logo, symbols, device or a combination of them.


You are supposed to fill your details in our simple questionnaire and submit documents.

Trademark Search is done to check whether unique logo name filed is available or not.

Depending on nature of your products,we shall suggest the appropriate class of the 45 classes.

We create your Trademark application and file it with Registrar of trademarks.

We shall then mail you the application number, which helps to check status of application.



If you believe your registered trademark is being infringed, it is easy to establish your right to it in court. If you haven't registered the word, slogan or logo, you would not be able to do so. Particularly in sectors in which piracy is rampant, trademark registration is essential.


A trademark is an intangible asset that can be enormously valuable, should your brand succeed. Think of Tide, Nike or McDonald's. Businesses can earn huge money in royalties through licensing agreements or even transfer ownership to interested parties through assignment agreements.


You would want your customers to identify your products or services with yours only. Registering your trademark is the first step toward ensuring this. The court would then stop any similar words or slogans from being registered.

Brand Name & Logo
Information Form
Form TM 48



Filing for trademark registration is strongly advised as it is first the first step towards protecting the identity of your business. It establishes your claim of ownership of that mark and gives you the exclusive right to use the mark on or in connection with the trade or provision of services for which the mark has been filed.

Now, due to recent changes we have only five categorisations at the time of making trademark application. These are:1. Word Mark 2. Logo 3. Device Mark 4. Small Mark 5. Taste mark

Any person who claims to be the owner of a trademark, he/she needs to submit the application mentioning the related goods and services associated with the company.

A logo can be protected both under the Trade Marks Act and Copyrights Act. Trademark Registration enables you to obtain protection for the brand name and also provides certain amount of protection to the manner in which the trademark is represented. However, if you need exclusivity for the representation of your trademark or logo, a copyright registration is strongly recommended. Copyright registration does not however offer any protection for the brand name.

Once the trademark is registered, it is valid for a period of 10 years from the date of application. The registration can then be renewed indefinitely as long as the renewal fees are paid every 10 years.

Trademark Registration is a lengthy process and it takes around 18-24 months to obtain registration in a straight-forward case, without any objections or oppositions. However, the trademark application number is usually issued within one or 2 days after filing.

You may use the ® (Registered symbol) next to your trademark once your trademark is registered and registration certificate is issued. Kindly note that it is an offence, with penalty, to falsely claim that your trademark is registered. Till the registration is obtained, you can represent your trademark along with the letters TM to indicate that you claim rights over your trademark.


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