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What is ISBN Registration?

ISBN or International Standard Book Number - An unique identifier number, displayed in barcode format on publications ex. books on their back jacket (lower right). It is allotted by International ISBN Agency based in UK through the National ISBN Agency. It is in the form of 13 digits, consisting of 5 elements separated by spaces and hyphens.


Fill the simple basic information form and submit documents.

We will file ISBN application with Department of Higher Education, Ministry Of Human Resource Development.

We will mail you the receipt given by Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Developmentand now you can use ISBN with your Book.



Unique international identifier for monographic publications.


Unique international identifier for monographic publications.


Correct use different product forms to be clearly differentiated, enabling comparisons between different subject areas, publishing houses.


Facilitates compilation and updating of book trade directories and bibliographic databases.


Fast and efficient method of ordering and distribution of books, managing sale system in shops, supply chain systems, managing sales data, stock control.


Ensures that the book is widely known.

• Complete content of book.
• Cover Page of Book
• Title Verso Page
• Fill the Form given by us.



An ISBN is an International Standard Book Number.

An ISBN is a product that is used by publishers, booksellers and libraries for ordering, listing and stock control purposes. It enables them to identify a particular publisher and allows the publisher to identify a specific edition of a specific title in a specific format within their output.

It is a product number used to sell publications through major book selling chains, or Internet booksellers, most cases require an ISBN to assist in internal processing and ordering systems. The ISBN also provides access to bibliographic databases, which are organized using ISBN as references. These databases are used by the book industry and libraries to provide information to customers The ISBN therefore provides access to bibliographic details of the books that could help sales of publication.

Any Publisher who is publishing a qualifying product for general sale or distribution to the market, any author whose name is indicated on the cover page of book along with title, Institutions against the Seminars and Conferences on a specified title.

ISBN's are available in blocks for publishers and the smallest block is of 10 numbers. For an author, a single ISBN number is allotted against a single title. An ISBN is assigned to each edition and variation (except reprinting) of a book. For example, an e-book, a paperback and a hardcover edition of the same book would each have a different ISBN. Applicant (author) can apply for more than one variation in the same application.

Title Verso is the page displaying – Title of the book Name of the Author/Editor Copyright © Copyright holder Name and Address of Publisher Name and Address of the printer.

Cover Page should display Title of the book Name of the Author/Editor.

Following document can be considered as the registered ID proof of publishing Agency. CIN Certificate VAT Certificate MSME/Udyog Aadhaar or any Certificate issued by State/Central Government Agency to Publishing Agency supporting their Publishing business/work.

While mentioning the name of the author (who is a minor), kindly mention the name of the minor with guardian’s name. Attach PAN Card and Aadhaar Card of the Guardian and Aadhaar Card of the minor in the required column.


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