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Design Registration

A Design refers to the features of shape, configuration,pattern, ornamentation or composition of lines or colours applied to any article, whether in two or three dimensional (or both) forms. This may be applied by any industrial process or means (manual, mechanical or chemical) separately or by a combined process, which in the finished article appeals to and judged solely by the eye.


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The registration of a design confers upon the registered proprietor the exclusive right to apply a design to the article in the class in which the design has been registered.


A registered proprietor of the design is entitled for protection of his intellectual property. He can take step against infringement, if his right is infringed by any person.


A registered proprietor of the design can license or sell his design as legal property for a consideration or royalty.

We will ask certain basic details from your end.

Representation (in quadruplicate on durable paper of size 210mm x 296.9 mm
with a suitable margin) of the article where drawings, photographs, tracings or
other representationsincluding computer graphics should clearly show the
features of the design from different views.

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It is a feature of shape, configuration, pattern, ornament or composition of lines or colours applied to any article by any industrial process which in the finished article appeal to and are judged solely by the eye.

Registered proprietor has an exclusive right to apply a design to any article in any class in which the design is registered.

Registered proprietor has an exclusive right to use design for the term of 10 years from the date of the registration. Though, it can be extended for more 5 years by paying prescribed fee within the expiration of the original period of ten years.

a) That it must be a design. b) The design must be new or original, not previously published or used in any country before the date of application for registration. Here, originality means originating from the author of such design and includes the cases which though old in themselves yet are new in their application c) That the design has not been previously registered in India. d) That it does not comprises or contains scandalous or obscene matter e) That it is significantly distinguishable from known designs or combination of known designs.

Any person claiming to be the “proprietor of any new or original design” not previously published in any country and is not contrary to public order or morality can apply for the registration of the design.

First-to-file rule is applicable for registration purpose of design.

One can filed the infringement suit and claim damage for the purpose of restraining others from the using the same design which has been registered by the registered proprietor.

To protect the exclusive right to use design and exclude others from using the design it is mandatory to register your design.

Yes, it is possible to restore the design as manner provided under the act.

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