How to get ISO for Restaurant Business in India

How to get ISO for Restaurant Business in India

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How to get ISO for Restaurant Business in India

“Nothing Brings People together like Good Food”


Quality is free for those, who are ready to pay for it, and when it comes for food or restaurant business quality becomes the necessity. Restaurants serving good quality food will often seem occupied. It does not matter how big or small or menu you have in your restaurant but what matter is the quality of food you serve to your customers. In a diverse country like India people love to eat food from street to best delicacies served in hotels and restaurants. Quality assurance and fresh serving is the game changer in food industry in India. In restaurants mouth publicity works much more than advertisement and fancy things. Food truck culture has also been adopted quite well by Indian foodies. Food truck needs very less investment and due its mobility it can serve large number of crowd. The quality certification is a must requirement for restaurant business in India. Quality assurance ensures that the guests receive same quality food every time. ISO Certification ensures overall management of your business, hence not only food quality but other services, staff behavior, cleanliness and ambience of the restaurant also maintained. 

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is one such body which certifies the quality of your business on various principles and norms and on its satisfaction it grants the ISO Certificate to your business organization with an annual inspection or audit.

A restaurant business can take two types of ISO Certification on India. One is 9001:2015 which is a common ISO Certificate, applicable on all businesses for quality management assurance. Another ISO Certificate in addition to 9901:2015 is 2000:2018 which is specifically designed for Food Safety Management System.  

What is ISO?

ISO Certification verifies that the business organization is maintaining a proper management system or manufacturing process or service quality or documentation and quality assistance. There are different ISO’s for different industries or business types such as Information Technology system, health and safety occupations, Food quality management system, medical and surgical equipment’s manufacturing, social accountability, environmental safety etc. to name a few.

Each above certification has different numbers and quality management and assurance criteria. Any business seeking for ISO has to go through the quality check standards specifically made for particular ISO. As the assurance is related to quality hence it is not an act the business organization needs to maintain such standards throughout the entire period of certification.

What does ISO Certified Organization mean?

If any Organization claims itself as an ISO 9001:2015 certified Organization that it means that such organization has met the standard requirements set out under the ISO 9001:2015. The certified organization is maintaining the quality standards and is constantly improving the same at all times. ISO 9001:2015 certification can be taken by any business organization which is effectively executing the specified standards.

Apart from ISO 9001:2015 there are various other ISO for different manufacturing or service providing businesses. 

Serial No.ISO NumberParticulars
19001: 2015Quality Management System
245001:2018Occupation health &Safety (OHSAS)
314001:2015EnvironmentalManagement System
422000:2018Food Safety Management System
527001: 2015Information Security Management System
613485: 2012Medical Equipments and Devices
716949:2009Quality Management System for Automotive Industry
8HACCPHealth Analysis & Critical Point
9ROHSThe restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances
10GMPGoods Manufacturing
1220000-1:2011IT Service Management System
1350001  : 2011Energy Mgt System
14GDPGoods Distribution Practice
15FDAFood and Drug Administration
1626000: 2010Social Responsibility

Documents required for ISO Certification for Restaurant Business in India-

  •  Company Registration/GST Registration
  •  Invoice Bills  
  •  Letterhead (Kindly mention nature of business)    
  •  Pan Card.
  • FSSAI License
  • Any Other Relevant Document

Benefits of ISO

  • Helps in maintaining Quality of the business;
  • Standardize the Internal management of business;
  • Suitable for all business types and scale;
  • Minimizes Wastage;
  • Helps in securing government and other tenders;
  • Creates trust among customers, competitors and general public;
  • Increases efficiency, productivity and profit;
  • Helps in expansion and growth of business;
  • Gives a global recognition to the business;
  • Increase new customers and retain old ones.

A valid ISO certified by a valid accreditation authority not only assures the quality of the business but proves as a catalyst for creating trust, growth and expansion of the business.

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