Sell on Myntra: A Quick Start Guide

Sell on Myntra: A Quick Start Guide

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Sell on Myntra: A Quick Start Guide

Myntra is India’s one of the biggest fashion and casual lifestyle products e-commerce company which has its headquarter in Bangalore, Karnataka. It was opened as an ecommerce marketplace but now it’s on the zenith in matter of marketplace. Myntra was founded in 2007 by Indian Institute of Technology graduates with a focus on personalization of gift items. By 2010, Myntra shifted its focus moving on let’s see how to sell your fashion and casual lifestyle on Myntra or how to become a seller on Myntra. Following are the actions which you need to done to register as a seller on Myntra:

Myntra is registered by business one individuals only. It’s not registered by the individual person so first of all you need to do a legal registration for your business.

Following options are available to register our business as legal identity:-

i) Register as Sole Proprietorship Firm.

ii) Register as Partnership Firm.

iii) Register as Limited Liability Partnership.

iv) Register as Private Limited Company.

These are the requirements which you need to do to register on Myntra as a seller. After theinitial process of registration what you need to do is the VAT registration because without VAT registration you cannot sell on any marketplace.

VAT is a tax registration which is mainly state wise so youhave to apply for the VAT registration and open a current bank account in your business name.

Now the point is why to sell on Myntra. The first reason is on Myntra you get the selling with the dedicated account manager and fashion experts. You don’t have to spend your penny on marketing at least.

Myntra is providing full support to its seller from listing their products to picking up their products and it works in this manner: –

a) Seller listing their products on the Myntra Channel.

b) Seller updates the inventory and start receiving the orders.

c) Myntra pick up the goods and supply to the customer.

d) Myntra settles the payments and also support in working capital.

So, these are the steps you need to fulfil to be the seller on the Myntra, the fastest growing online marketplace.

Author: This blog is written by Ms. Deepali Singh, a passionate blogger & intern at  Aapka Consultant.

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