How to Sell Liquor Online in India?

How to Sell Liquor Online in India?

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Sell Liquor Online in India
How to Sell Liquor Online in India?

Popularity of liquor and its consumption is increasing day by day in India. No matter how strict rules India has, retail business in this field can be quite profitable.

If you want to start a business in this field you need to know that in India, rules regarding liquor are really strict and they differ from state to state. Anyone who wants to sell liquor needs to have a proper license from each state government. Apart from that age verification & other Rules are also different.

In order to sell liquor the following needs to be taken care of:

  • Permission from Excise Duty Department of the concerned state
  • Trade license, Payment gateway related compliance, clear cut terms of service.
  • Liquor License and Rules & Regulations by the each state government
  • Age verification & other rules depending on state
  • Sale in accordance with alcohol prohibition in India, alcohol laws of India

However, when it comes to online state of liquor things are a bit different. It is important to note that since each state has its own policies and rules regarding liquor and thus selling of liquor online from one state to another is very difficult and may even land you in legal trouble. However, with proper planning and by following the legal requirements of a particular state online sale of liquor can be done in a specific city/state. For e.g.: Madhuloka, a Bangalore based retailer is one of the leading online portals selling liquor in Bangalore

To sell liquor online following things can be done:-

  • For selling liquor onlineyou would need to tie up with the authorized retailers in the area where you are planning to sell liquor online who work in accordance with the state rule and regulations.This would be basically on a commission basis. However, in some states there is a ban on the liquor consumption and selling which means even normal retailing is not possible and in certain states liquor cannot be delivered online. So, this needs to be taken care of before selecting the state where you want to sell liquor online.
  • If you already have a Retail Shop for the sale ofLiquor, then you can also start website for the selling in particular area subject to whether rules and regulations of that state permit it. Further, all the licenses from the state government are required and certain rules such as age verification etc. also need to be taken care of. However, you need to confirm whether the state rules allow delivery of liquor or not.

The age limit in each state differs for consuming alcohol. In order to ensure that whether the person ordering is not under age as per the laws it is better to demand for an ID proof of the person ordering liquor.

Thus, though an uphill task but with proper research regarding the laws in a particular state and whether such a business would be permissible or not in your preferred area you can start this business and sell liquor online.

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