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Digital marketing is a fast evolving trend in global marketing. The traditional form of marketing involves making the customers aware about the presence and availability of a product. It is promotion of a certain product which takes place after intense market research and is propagated by intensive advertising using websites, since there are many website design companies at sites like that help with this. It not only aims at establishing product presence but also creates a market for a new innovation or idea. For instance, products like organic foods, smartphones, certain type of clothing or even a way of life can be sold to people if marketed correctly.

Digital marketing is a subset of marketing which is, as the term suggests, marketing on digital media or making use of digital platforms. What may have seemed like a fad in the marketing world in the 1990s, when it emerged, is now the primary and most effective and efficient way of marketing in present day. The growth of the electronic industry and advent of social media is responsible for it.
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In India, a developing country with world’s 2nd largest population makes it a great market for sellers. A country with a diverse population raises need for diverse products, far from what is indigenously offered. Now the scenario is a good businessman’s job is to target the readily available market that India is. Now what is even wiser to look at here is for an individual to focus on entering the digital marketing industry to make the said businessman’s presence felt on a wider scale.

In the initial stage of planning, India might not seem like a place where an agency like the one dealing with digital marketing may work but once you have begun your research and have become accustomed to the logistics and wants of people, you will discover that India has more than 118 Million social media accounts andup to 89% of social media usage is done by the age group of 18-29.

Having discussed the above mentioned things, it is amply clear that a digital marketing agency in India is a rather smart business prospect. Now the question arises as to how one can start his/her Digital Marketing Agency in India?

  1. Choose a field – before taking up any initiative it is essential to understand the depth and layers present in the said endeavour. Digital marketing ranges from content marketing to influencer marketing to campaign marketing to social media marketing to so on and so forth. In an ideal, more effective business blueprint, the entrepreneur is expected to pin point his area of focus and lay a foundation keeping in view its requirements.


  1. Create a website and market it – the essence of a Digital Marketing Agency is to have an online access and reach, you need to make sure to get the best SEO advice in order for it to work. Creating a social website which is interactive, professional/user-friendly, etc. It must have a small description about the agency’s goals and various guidelines for new users encouraging them to utilize the services of your agency.


  1. Achieve a good market presence – for the sake of marketing one’s product extensively one needs an assurance that the agency has the reach so far off and capacity to market themselves to begin with. Run ads on social networking sites. Get people to talk about it. Post content on your website so it can go viral with the help of Online reviews. The more audience you can generate, the more clients you attract.


  1. Become a Google Partner – this step is the tricky yet most crucial one. Just like a diligent customer buys hallmark gold or ISI marked electronics, similarly, a new businessman/ client will look out for a digital marketing agency which is authentic and guarantees trust and legitimate use of the marketable information given to them. The agency is required to apply for Google Certification and become a Google Partner as a proof of legitimization of the services rendered, according to experts at the SEO company in Nashville. It also comes with perks like a wide range of benefits, special events and trainings, certifications, etc.


  1. Attract clients – after the above steps are complied with, the agency must obviously fish for clients which could use the services so offered. This can either happen through contacting potential clients and convincing them that their services will prove beneficial to their organization or through well-established social presence of the agency.


  1. Create a network – a good network is key in the field of marketing. A network can be built through maintaining harmonious relationship with the clients, reaching out for new spheres of marketing, tie ups with other marketing agencies, widespread popularity of the services offered, etc.


  1. Registration of agency as per the Companies Act, 2013 –you can start off with registering you firm as a sole proprietorship and later convert it to a private limited company on achieving a said target turnover. India has great deals and opportunities for start-ups so as difficult as this step may seem, it can be simplified.


  1. Keep the website flowing with good content – this step is important because ultimately the thing speaks for itself. Keep your website updated and bug-free. Make sure it does not look like a mess with the array of diverse client profiles. It is suggested that an agency should target a specific industry instead of an array of them.

If you have catered to the above mentioned steps and been innovative and free spirited in your approach then in a set-up like India which encourages start-ups and marketing, it won’t take long before your agency is counted as the top most in India alongside digital marketing agencies like Webchutney, BC Web Wise, etc.

Author: This blog is written by Ms. Falaq Patel, a passionate blogger & intern at  Aapka Consultant.


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