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Digital Signature

DSC or Digital Signature is a physical signature in an electronic format. Digital Signatures are used in India for online transactions such as Filing Annual Return, Company or LLP Incorporation, Income Tax E-Filing, E-Tenders, etc. There are 3 types of Digital Signatures, Class I, Class II and Class III Digital Signatures. Class I Digital Signature is used for securing email communications. Class II digital signature is utilized for company registrations, IT Return E-filing, Obtaining DIN, DPIN etc. Class III digital signature registration are used for E-tendering and participating in E-Auctions.


You are supposed to fill your details in our simple questionnaire and submit documents.

We will create all your required documents and file them with authorized agency on your behalf.

Your Digital Signature will be sent in a USB and Token through courier at your address.

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Validity-Digital Signatures usually comes with validity of one or two years and they can be easily renewed once validity expires. E-token-Digital signature certificate are stored in a secure USB Flash Drive called E-Token. Quick Processing-One can get DSC in very quick time of 1-3 days from date of submitting the application along with required documents. Class II Digital Signatures-It is used for company, LLP registrations, IT Return E-filing etc. Class III Digital Signatures-It is used mainly for E-Tendering and Participation in E-Auctions.

Passport size photograph
PAN card copy
Copy of Aadhaar Card/ Voter Identity Card



Like physical documents are signed manually, electronic documents, for example e-forms are required to be signed digitally through Digital Signature Certificate.

Class 1: These certificates do not hold any legal validity as the validation process is based only on a valid e-mail ID and involves no direct verification. Class 2: Here, the identity of a person is verified against a trusted, pre-verified database. Class 3: This is the highest level where the person needs to present himself or herself in front of a Registration Authority (RA) and prove his/ her identity.

The Certifying Authorities are authorized to issue a Digital Signature Certificate with a validity of one or two years.

Digital Signatures are legally admissible in a Court of Law, as provided under the provisions of IT Act, 2000.`

You should keep the media carrying your digital signature safely and not disclose your password to anybody.

lass 3 Company / Organization User certificate is required for e-Tendering, e-Procurement , Trademark / Patent filing. Class 3 is the highest type of Digital Signature Certificate. it can be issued for 1 years or 2 years. After the valid period , user need to renew class 3 digital signature certificates.

Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate is required for Income Tax filing, ROC and MCA filing. Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate can be issued for 1 year or 2 years. After the valid period , user need to renew class 2 digital signature certificates. Class 2 Digital Signature certificate can be issued to individual / organization.


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